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Mägilased jõudsid Inglismaa vibuajakirja lehekülgedele

Alljärgnevalt siis artikkel algsel kujul, mis sai meie sõbra Nigel Downsi poolt saadetud Inglismaa vibuajakirjale NFAS ja seal ka avaldati. Kas toimetus ka omapoolseid korrektuure tegi, kahjuks öelda ei oska. Esimene infopäring meili näol on minu meilboksis juba olemas :)

Early May 2009 Steve Morley, the reigning World Champion and European Champion in Field Archery, asked if I would like another trip to Estonia to participate in the Highland Hunter, a bowhunting competition organized by Estonian Bowhunters Club. He said it was a terrific course over one of the more hilly areas of Estonia. I couldn´t say no to this, so I packed my bow and arrows. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised! The event was held at an outdoor pursuits centre http://www.kiidi.ee/ where, if you scan the pictures carefully, you will see a familiar archer. The courses were magnificent and challenging, although it was hilly the walking and setting was gentle amongst open glades, lakes and the beautiful Estonian forests. Accommodation was communal in splendid log cabins, food was provided -- breakfast, a sit down lunch and evening meal, good solid food. Entrants were from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, most people spoke English. On the Saturday night a party was held with a band and some singing on the table. The camp was charming, the people charming and the whole weekend was fun.

This year Estonian Bowhunters are organizing the Estonian Open Bow Hunting Championships shooting 3D rounds, one day will be shot for the title of Highland Hunter. The shooting of the Championships is to IFAA rules over two days: the first day one arrow round, the second day two rounds: three arrow round and two arrow round. On the third day the Highland Hunter is held with an altered course with surprise targets.
The shoot is held May 14th – 16th this year in Voru county which is about 300km form both Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia. Tallinn and Riga are both capital cities and both worth visiting if you wish to extend your stay. Tartu airport in Estonia is 60-70 km away. The roads are good and the scenery interesting and varied on the drive. For further information and assistance should you wish to have a shooting holiday contact Rita at rita@mustnool.ee who will be delighted to hear from you and help organise your trip to Kiidi.

Nigel Downs (pildil roosas ;)

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No nii ütlemata roosa Nigel nüüd ka ei ole. Pigem selline kordi masinas heledaks pestud punane :) Aga tore, et niigipalju kajastamist sai.

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Ups, nüüd vaatan ise ka, et see ju hoopis Monsa, kes seal roosatriibulise kampsuniga ;)